his scenic area sits amazingly at Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu. In 2017, it ranked National Grade-5A Scenic Area of China and rose to a grade-5A tourist resort thanks to superb resources and enticing landscapes. With total coverage of 7.6 km2, the entire area falls into five segments: Chunqiu Yancheng Relics Park, Yancheng Chunqiu Paradise, Yancheng Wild Animal World, Yancheng Traditional Business Street and Treasure-Forest Chan Monastery.

The scenic area recaptures the glorious past of the Chunqiu Period through numerous vivid cultural sights. Only in this way can the area create a brilliant cultural brand underlying an unheard-of complex consisting of tourism, leisure, recreation, science and technology, shopping and catering.“If you want to learn more about the Ming or the Qing Dynasty, please visit Beijing. If you, however, are more interested in the Sui or the Tang Dynasty, don’t hesitate to visit Xi’an. If you want to experience the Chunqiu Epoch instead, then visit Yancheng here!” The scenic area shines bright like a fascinating gem in the Yangtze River Delta.