As revealed by archaeology, the relics park goes back to more than 2,700 years ago. This old town relic site built in the Spring and Autumn Epoch remains the most unscathed of all in China. The tri-city-and-moat structure has no other rival across the planet. The relic site features 850 meters in length, 750 meters in width and 650,000 square meters in coverage. Such giant size comes in tune with the relevant account in Mencius. From the age-old relic, more than 1,000 rarities including 4 canoes, over 20 bronzes and quite a few primitive celadons and potteries have been excavated. In 1988, it was put on the List of State Key Cultural Relics Protection Units. In 2009, the relic site won the UNEP Golden Prize for Sustainable Development Projects.