The place with foaming water, not far from here, is Dragon Spring, also called Dragon Pool. The pristine pool is infinitely deep. Local villagers ever fathomed it with a pole as long as a dozen or so meters, but still failed to touch the bottom despite all their effort. As a drought descended upon Southern China in 1934, Changwu Area (Changzhou along with its Wujin District) suffered so much that myriad rivers went dry and 1,000 mu  or more fields cracked open. Instead, the spring water here looked as crystal as usual, but even gurgled endlessly. So, legend says the pool must be connected with the Dragon Palace of the Eastern Sea. As a local ballad puts, “O Dragon Spring rises from the East Sea far away; it tastes sweet and fresh over so many centuries. Like a mother, the spring nourishes all creatures on both sides. All this is ascribed to the Dragon Maiden’s White Jade Turtle.”