Now we can see the second moat of age-old Yancheng. The moat is 4 m deep on the average, but may be a dozen meters or so deep as well. The width, normally 30-50 meters, may be 60 meters at most. There have been 4 canoes unearthed from the moat thus far. The 11 meter-long canoe now belongs to the National Museum of China and the 4.2 meter-long lies in Nanjing Museum. The remaining two have been collected in Wujin District Yancheng Museum. Researchers had dated the old-time canoes using the carbon-14 isotope. In particular, the canoe as long as 7.45 meters has been 2800 years old. The oldest and best-preserved boat discovered ever in China has been dubbed the “First Boat under the Sun”.