Founder of Mohism is Mo Di. Those engaged in debates were called “Mobian”. Those engaged in martial arts were called “Moxia”. The leader is called “Ju Zi”. Most of the Mohists come from lower status, with strict internal organization and discipline. “Those who kill will die for it and those who hurt will be punished”. They took promoting benefits and eliminating harm as educational purpose, and pay special attention to hard practice. Core ideas of Mohist School included “Universal Love”, “Anti-offense” and “Sparing Usage”, which advocate respecting talents and appointing capable people. Mohism and Confucianism were known as Famous Theories in the pre-Qin period.

In addition, Mohism studied mechanics, optics, logic and military attack and defense. Mohist’s Mojing (Mohist Canon) is similar to an encyclopedia, in which physical principles such as “Small Hole Imaging” were first put forward.