Marketplace Commercial Street reproduces prosperity of thirty-six elements including ancient folk acrobatics, Quyi, hawking and divination, as well as people shopping in the city, with ancient architecture in antique style and strong Chinese traditional flavor, combined with copper plastic landscaping and literary roadshows.

Commodities sold in Marketplace Commercial Street are mainly handicrafts with local characteristics of Changzhou. It is also a centralized exhibition area for intangible cultural heritage projects in the park.

There are three memorial archways from the Qing Dynasty in Marketplace Commercial Street, namely, Zhongyi (loyalty and righteousness) archway from the reign of Qianlong, Jiexiao (sparing and filial piety) archway from the reign of Guangxu, and Gongde (merit) archway from the reign of Xianfeng. The three archways have sublime but simple shapes and exquisite stone carvings, bearing high artistic value. They are also meaningful attempts to carry out cultural relics protection in different places in Yancheng Tourism Area.