The Spring and Autumn Palace has “One Hall and Two Palaces”, namely, Yanjun Hall, Xishi Mystery Palace and Chime Music Palace, covering an area of about 14,500 square meters and focusing on art of royal palaces in the Spring and Autumn period.

Interior of Yanjun Hall is in “Front Hall and Back Palace”, which presents main scenes of court life in the Spring and Autumn period, such as monarch’s handling political affairs, receiving envoys and daily life. Hundreds of cultural relics (replicas) from Shang and Zhou Dynasties to Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, such as bronze sword, tripod and jade belt hook, are displayed in the hall, showing long resplendent Chinese culture.

Xishi Mystery Palace is about indoor theater. Visitors may watch Xishi Mystery Palace themed by love story of Xi Shi and Fan Li, and the Perfection of Righteousness themed by life of Qu Qiubai, one of the “Three Heroes of Changzhou”.

Chime Music Palace displays chime bells (replicas) of Zeng Houyi, a national treasure, and regularly performs chime bell music and dance every day. Visitors may enjoy splendid chime playing and traditional Chinese palace music and dance, including Clog Dance, Feather Dance, and Sleeve Dance.