Ancient proverb says, “Food is the first need for the people.” Yancheng’s delicacies scatter off a fragrance stretching for myriad miles. Jiufang Gourmand Street against the Jianhu Lake and nearby the imperial palace complex, features well-ordered edifices on both sides ozzing with much antiquity. This place best embodies all paradise-wide fine foods. “Jiu” here means “many”. Indeed, the locale clusters together dozens of food stalls, shops, pavilions and towers. So, you can imagine the restaurants spawning here. Everyone arriving here will indulge in various foods like classy snacks, tasty leisure meals, mouthwatering buffets and local traditional delicacies. Come here and you can consume glutinous rice clad in Southern China’s ethereal mist, roasted foods typical of Northwest style and various native soft and sweet snacks…Each snack or food represents a locale along with its cuisine culture. And in this way, such experience will bring a luxury to tempt your palate in different ways.