The huge vessel in center of the square is called Double Beast Three Wheels Plate Bronze Plate. It is presented by China cultural relics Association and is magnified in the proportion of 1:10 to the original bronze plate unearthed in Yancheng in 1957.

The origin of bronze three disc plate is now collected in Chinese History Museum. The plate has a unique shape, with a height of 15.6 cm, a diameter of 26 cm and a bottom diameter of 14.5 cm. The plate has open mouth, shallow belly and encircled feet. Three rotatable wheels with six spokes are installed under the bottom of the plate, with two beasts with long necks protruding from both sides of the front wheel looking back. Beast heads have crowns, and big eyes open, with snout extending forward. Beast bodies are decorated with scale patterns, triangular patterns, Qiequ patterns (curved and hooked patterns derived from animal elements), etc., and the beast is like drinking water. There are braids around the plate. It should be a very exquisite dinner plate or fruit plate in the Spring and Autumn period, which can move back and forth in front of guests to meet their needs. This bronze three wheel plate has reasonable structure, integrating practical utensils and works of art through production processes of casting, welding, tenon and mortise assembly and other processes, showing superb level of bronze technology. There is only one such three wheel plate ancient bronze ware at now. It is an artifact with strong regional style and era characteristics in Wu and Yue bronze ware.

The four stone carvings embedded around the bronze plate are Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Rosefinch and Xuanwu, protecting the east, west, north and south. On the left and right are Bell Tower and Drum Tower. The four Cong columns at the four corners of the square are made of multicolored stones, each weighing 30 tons.